There’s a New Boy in Town – Samsung Galaxy S

You may have thought we were so caught up in the parties in Vegas that we completely forgot that you wanted to know about irresistible phones out there. We know that those who have it are in love with the iPhone and those that don’t lust for the iPhone but any girl knows a love affair can’t last forever. The new sexy model is heading to town, Samsung Galaxy S

There are many phones out there and be assured that these handset companies want to seduce us with their sexiest new phones. They don’t want us to give a thought to breaking up with our iPhone.
Well, as we sashayed up to the CTIA “Your Life Mobile” lounge in Vegas to spot the hottest, sexiest phones out there, of course we ended up with some geeks. LG was tongue-tied and not in a good way when we told them to show us what they got.

So went through the line-up of handsets. We were digging and getting dirty. When we had almost given up hope and seriously considered moving on, it happened. You know what we mean. Your heart starts beating faster, your cheeks begin to glow. We are IN LOVE with the Samsung Galaxy S.
Sleek and perfectly manicured at 9.9 MM thin. A 4.0 inch touch screen that makes the pictures jump off of your phone, the Galaxy S comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera.

Even better it has a camera on both sides of the phone. Want to video Skype from your mobile with a friend and share exactly what you are both up to? Well hello Toyko!

Texting with this baby is a dream. The Samsung’s Galaxy S comes with Swype, a slide-to-type. (Watch our video and you will see what we mean.) The feature that allows you to access “Tweeps Around” is very cool.

You have your e-books. You have your favorite social networks right on your front screen.
Samsung told us we could customize our front screen with weather, stocks and news but of course in Crazyfunbabe-speak that means “, Zinio Viv and Jimmy Choo”.

It’s going to be hot when this good-looking model is yours for the taking this summer.

According to Kim Titus, Samsung Director of Public Relations, the Galaxy S won’t be released until this summer at a price not yet determined. So for your sneak peek you’ll want to watch our video:

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