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When Crazyfunbabes told us they were traveling with more pieces of technology than pairs of shoes we knew it was time to uncover the undiscovered. Gadgets that make a girls life, oh so much glamorous. We are your stylist, your personal entourage to bring out the mobile fashionista within you ready to hit the red carpet of technology. We know who you are and we know you don’t give a damn how the technology works and you certainly aren’t about to read a manual no matter how desperate you are for the lastest to make your life so fashionable. We are here for you baby!


Love To Love You BabyWe have to admit that we have had a crush on ANIMOTO for some time.  Animoto has this awesome bit of technology that takes your photos and videos and puts them into a posh video montage with music that you can then send to friends and lovers.  With Valentine’s Day almost upon us we recommend you take those manicured Stolen Kisses red nails of yours and type to start producing your own video Valentine’s Day’s video for the heart- throb in your life.  Animoto walks you through this TOTALLY.  For a 30 second video it is free and you can email to all of your friends.  They have a free iPhone app too.  So you can take a bunch of photos and video from your iPhone B-roll and right there on the phone while you’re waiting for your hair stylist, the next bus or for the commercial during Gossip Girl to end you can produce your own Hollywood video.  We are not kidding.  We promise you will love this as much as we do.

Great product combined with good-looking boys, why would we pay attention?  Let’s start with the Grand Pubah Taylor Shupe.  He may be camera shy but that didn’t stop us from stopping by and point it straight at him.


All the Single Ladies, All the Busy Ladies – If You Liked it Then You Should Put the Nuance App on It


Nuance Mobile has come up with a couple of cool apps and we stopped by to say hello during CES 2010 to find our more.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Software has been a popular choice of brand for some time. Now these folks have come out with two Apple Apps -Search and Dragon Dictation. Free at the moment but for only a limited time you might want to get going and download these.

Dragon Dictation, powered by Nuance’s world-renowned Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, allows you to stay connected all the time, even when your hands are busy.

With Dragon Dictation, you can text or email your friends, update Facebook status, send notes and reminders to yourself, or tweet to the world… all using your voice.

Here is Michael Thompson, SVP Nuance Mobile Devices to explain how it works. Hey, he’s pretty cute!




Isis Dei has become renowned for their line of protective gear for your favourite gadgets.  In breaking from the standard business-like black covers which bore the life out of anyone with imagination, ISIS adds inspiration from fashion, are, music and life to technology with their design-driven protective gear. Yes, black is always classy but luckily for us all ISIS offers such affordable gear that we can change our laptop and iPhone covers as much as we do our clothes.

Isis Dei's Sleeves Will Protect Your Gear
Isis Dei's Cosmopolitan Sleeve Will Protect Your Gear

 Just this month ISIS Dei debuted their new iPhone covers – Sadly enough as many people who have an iPhone these days have destroyed an iPhone at some point in their active lifestyle… or if they’re anything like us dropped it by some act of the cosmos and smashed the screen. Well no more! ISIS is protecting the iPhone, one cover at a time! Unlike the typical slider cases in the marketplace, the ISIS SHELL has a unique, flush, two-piece snap fabrication and each one comes with a free screen protector and applicator tool. Leading the launch are skate legends and ISIS Outfit members Torey “TP” Pudwill and Jordan “Hoff” Hoffart with signature iPhone cases who helped design the cases. If anyone could attest to keeping gear safe when it’s getting tossed around, it would be these guys!

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